COVID-19/Wellness Policy

UPDATE March 5, 2021

RKAS has closed for the foreseeable future except for a few select online services. At this time, RKAS is choosing to use this time to engage studio time for a new series of art as well as attending continuing education with a range of therapeutic focuses. You will receive information via email when there is a new event or if the shop reopens. Until then, please feel free to utilize the journal where I will post occasional therapeutic information or new recipes. Also, if you sign up for free membership, you may utilize the complimentary meditations under FREEBIES. These services are at no cost to you and may help stabilize your well-being for the time-being.



During the COVID pandemic, I suggest the following treatments:

  • Massage Therapy Without the Touch

  • Therapeutic Care at Home 

  • Avoiding Seasonal Depression or Revisiting Trauma

  • Tong Ren Sessions Online

  • Reiki Sessions Online

  • Sound Baths or Sound Therapy Online.


If you feel you want personal on-location services, I may be able to direct you to another therapist.

Even as COVID case numbers shrink and rise, we still need to support self care. 

RKAS is now closed except for a few select clientele and is watching the CDC and Virginia State Regulations daily.

COVID-19 is still widely spread in the local area and staying isolated from the possibility of being infected by this mutating virus is the best course of action for many people, including RKAS. Vaccines are now being administered but are only 85% effective. PPE is still a requirement. 

RKAS has not yet received the first does of COVID-19 vaccine but is on the list to have soon.

RKAS will reopen for in person appointments sometime in 2021 depending on pandemic.

RKAS' expos and shows have been cancelled by event holders.

In the meantime, please do not feel alone or despair during this horrific pandemic and political transition.

RKAS highly recommends continual home- therapeutic-self care:

We may feel isolated and alone but we are all in this together. Reach out if you need to.

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