2021 MRS.ZINE,  ISSUE 24:"2021 24"
  • 2021 MRS.ZINE, ISSUE 24:"2021 24"



     Handmade Materials: watercolor, digital, graphics Paper version not available during pandemic.


    Mrs. Quaran-Zine: Issue 24 "2021 24" is a 16 page collection full of handmade digital art, poetry, short stories, crossword, Book of the Month, and recipe. Answer to crossword on pg 15. I invite you to stay inside and read entertaining and quirky tales that may bring you some thoughtful reflection. 


    Art, Words, Poetry, Short Stories, Edited by Rain Kilburne Brief excerpts and quotes smattered about citation if needed. ©2019.02 rkartsstudio.com MRS.ZINE: ISSUE 1

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