Inspired by a dream six months before going on an amazing Art and Spirit retreat with the wonderful artist Melissa Harris, where I met the great Irish Sculpture Artist Patsy Preston's Eirú/Danu in the heart of Ireland at Hill of Uisneach/Uisneagh, I painted Danu/Eríu. 
    I painted Danu again from the combined influential and inspirational environs of creativity, and because Ireland was an unforgettable experience. As it was a combination piece of an inspiration from my own dream and also of an another’s work, I gained collaborative permission to share it and limited gicleè prints. If you find yourself drawn to Danu, I suggest you visit both of the digital homes of these amazing artists as well when you order your print.~Rain
    Who is Danu? She is shrouded in mystery. She is of water, of otherly realms, bound to the earth, connected to Lugh, and of the faeries. Danu is the Mother of The Tuatha De Danann, the Irish Gods, which literally means the Children of Danu. All the Danann can trace their Lineage back to her. The Danaan were a group of people who had been exiled from Ireland, and scattered. In Irish folklore, they are known as the fairy people who are skilled in magic.
    It is thought that Danu offered them her patronage, which helped them to reband and learn new magic skills. With that, they were able to return to Ireland in a magical mist. The mist is thought to be the caring embrace of Danu herself. She is seen as having nurtured these broken people back to strength, and imparting magic and esoteric wisdom to them. For this reason, the Tuatha Dé Danaan were associated with craftsmanship, music, poetry and magic, and Danu herself.
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